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Former CEO of Publicly Traded Medical Device Company

"One of Don's skills is in the extremely effective management of a transaction process, not only in bringing the most appropriate resources together, but also in management of individual expectations. He was always reliable, an efficient and prompt communicator, and a most empathetic individual to work with."

CEO of Privately-Held, Technology-Based Company

"Don's talent to effectively maneuver through situations, whether difficult or straightforward, facilitated the completion of the acquisition even in the midst of external factors that could have potentially stopped the deal's progression."

Former Colleague

"I have worked with Don on dozens of U.S. and International deals, both small and large, and I have enjoyed and learned from his experience, business acumen and particularly his ability to be an effective ambassador during a variety of very challenging situations."

President of Medical Device Division of Publicly Traded Company

"As a buyer, we worked with Don in his former capacity from initial contact to closing a deal. Don maintained a high level of expectation and a clear organization throughout the process. He was a true loyal and motivated ambassador of his company, demonstrating outstanding negotiation skills, which in association with our team, led to creative and value-added solutions for both companies."

CEO of Privately Held Technology-Based Company

"I approached Don's former company about a technology-based, pre-revenue opportunity. In working closely with Don, we structured an evaluation and exclusive license agreement with clearly defined proof-of-concept, testing and pilot plant production deliverables. The transaction turned out to be a big success and benefited both sides significantly."

Former Colleague

"Don has an uncanny ability to make all parties feel involved in the BD process and continues to educate the team as the process moves forward. He welcomes questions and feedback from all levels and gets everyone excited about the project at hand. He naturally brings the team along with him on the journey."

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